Why Paint Matters

Why Paint Matters

Your first impression starts when you pull up to the driveway to a house.  When you see a house for the first time, what do you feel?  Does the home make you feel invited and welcome? Paint colors and selection of quality paints are the first things you notice.  Paint is the EASIEST and LEAST EXPENSIVE way to change the look and feel of the space you are trying to create, but NOT all paints are created equal.

The two most common misconceptions I hear are that “Paint is Paint” or “It doesn’t matter what kind of paint I use.”  The exact opposite is true.  You may be thinking that it is just paint, and you would rather spend your decorating money on something more impactful than painting walls.  What if you could choose a paint that saved you time and lasted longer? That is a win-win situation. What if you had an economical paint that helped protect your home? What if there was a specialty paint that could help you solve a particular problem such as mold or rust on a roof? Let us look at the differences in paints.

Premium quality paints like Benjamin Moore’s Ben, Regal and Aura lines, offer better coverage, more durability, longer lasting color, improved workability, and result in fewer repaints.  Why is this true?  Premium paints have better resins (titanium dioxide) and more volume solids than Contractor Grade paints.  The higher the volume solids, the thicker the paint film is on the walls. Premium paints are washable and are the go-to choice for houses with kids and pets.  Premium paints could also be considered a paint and primer in one.  With the possibility of fewer coats of paint and time saved, it has been a go-to for homeowners and contractors.

Contractor Grade paints, like Benjamin Moore’s Ultra Spec and Scuff-x lines, are great options for areas that need frequent repainting like apartments, facilities and schools.  Good contractor grade paints have adequate durability to withstand general home wear-and-tear and are often used in new construction.  Contractor grade paints have lower volume solids and more filler resins than premium paint, so they are often not used when big color changes occur.  Contractor grade paints cost less than premium paints and offer more paint options to paint buyers.  

Specialty paints help solve a problem.  They are used on hard-to-coat substrates, masonry, concrete, metal, wood working shops and in industrial applications.  They all have their specific purpose and are great tools to have when you need help to solve a problem.

To determine what grade of paint works best for your project, you must determine the long-term goals of your paint job.  Each project has its own requirements and there are several options to help you complete your job. Reach out to your locally owned Shenandoah Paint for help with your next project.

Remember, you only get one chance to make your first impression, MAKE IT COUNT!

Written by Grant French

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