Popular Trends in Remodeling

As result of the local real estate market having extremely low inventory again in 2018, the trends in remodeling kitchens and baths are what’s in vogue.  Low inventory and high demand means you may be ready and able to purchase a new home, but what you would like to purchase is not available or sells too quickly and for more than you may be willing to pay. So where does this leave you?  Remodeling what you currently have! We are seeing an increased amount of kitchen and bath remodeling because of clients deciding to stay in the home that they are currently living in and making it what they want. Whether your family has grown and you need more space or your homes interior has become overly used, here is what is trending in remodeling:

You can feel comfortable spending your money on cabinets, countertops and appliances. These items are used the most frequently and can simplify your life. No matter what the size of your kitchen or bathroom you are remodeling; the amount of storage you can create will ensure better use of your space, easier for you to find items and will reduce clutter. A few great ways to help create the most storage are simple and inexpensive. A trend that we see at Mossy Creek Cabinet Company is using drawers as much as possible in your base cabinets. Gone are the days of having to sit on your kitchen floor, pulling out every item in your lower cabinet just to get that one needed item in the very back of the cabinet.  With drawers as your base cabinets, just pull the drawer all the way out and everything in that drawer is readily available. A few other great cabinet accessories are pull out spice racks, pull out waste/recycle bins and organizers to keep your pots, pans and trays. It’s amazing how much more storage you really have with the basic cabinet organizers.

The most popular item to replace in the kitchen or bathroom is the countertop.  The countertop is what gets used most frequently and tends to catch the eye most, so make it a statement piece. Homeowners are picking out more intricate designs in countertops with more pattern and natural stone like veining.  While using a natural stone like granite, soapstone or marble is always in vogue, we are seeing more and more clients lean towards quartz.  Quartz is an engineered countertop made out of 95% ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resins, which makes quartz super hard and low maintenance. Quartz not only gives you the look of natural stone, it also has a wide array of colors and patterns to choose from which makes it a more popular choice to make a statement.

You finally sit down to catch your breath at the end of the day only to realize that you forgot to preheat the oven for dinner.  With a lot of the newest appliances having wi-fi capability you can now preheat your oven by your phone, so stay seated and catch your breath! Having your appliances hooked up to your wi-fi means they can be accessible from your phone anywhere outside of the house.  If you forget to grab your grocery list on the way out the door there is no need to run back home, just pull it up on your phone. Convenience is vital when doing any home renovation, especially in the kitchen. Adding items such as a touchless motion sense faucet and smudge-proof stainless steel appliances will help will add ease to your day.

Other important items to consider when remodeling are your flooring and adding more lighting.  The most popular flooring in most homes is wood. If you currently have hardwood floors, consider refinishing them. If you are looking for a new look use a porcelain floor with a natural stone or wood look. This will not only save you some money it will also be less maintenance.  When working on design ideas for clients we try to incorporate as much added lighting as possible. It is best to use a mixture of lighting in your kitchen. Task lighting for cooking and food prep are a safety essential. Adding lighting underneath your cabinets will brighten your food prep area by illuminating shadows. Recessed ceiling lighting works to illuminate the entire room and decorative lighting adds ambiance and helps fill visual voids. Lighting can help enhance any style you are looking to create.

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Melanie Woodard, Interior Designer